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Maturity Assessment in an automotive assembler to improve Performance, Digital and Quality Improvement in End-to-Supply Chain

Client situation & approach

Our client is a worldwide leader among luxury sports car manufacturers. Acceleration of continuous improvement in performances is the goal of the company, whose imperative is to deliver top class in quality and, at the same time, be capable of attaining Excellent Operational Performance in vehicle production and assembly processes, by exploiting state of the art technologies and digital opportunities.

EFESO supported with a 360-degree assessment of both the manufacturing and supply chain processes, in order to find opportunities at different levels to leverage the Human Dynamic aspects and the new digital / Artificial Intelligence solutions.


The key deliverables have been a detailed roadmap of initiatives covering:

  • Quality Systems and measurements:
    • Focused Quality Loss Reduction
    • High Impact Moments and Routines enhancement
    • Effectiveness of quality controls through organizational alignment, Artificial Intelligence solutions and digitalization of data analysis
  • Assembly Line Performances:
    • Digital Assembly Solution Modernisation
    • Real time feedback / performance visualization
    • Improved loss analysis and loss deployment processes
  • Supply Chain E2E processes:
    • Information and workflow synchronization and digitalization
    • Review and simplification of current constraints