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Debottlenecking project in a Pharma company saw real benefit, EUR 2,6 m

The client is a mid-size pharmaceutical company which produces API. They anticipated an increasing demand for one of the most strategic APIs produced in their Italian plant.

Situation at the start

EFESO was engaged to find out the most convenient technological and organizational solution to manage the increase in volume from the plant.

Putting strategy into action

EFESO lead a multifunctional client team to identify all the constraints that currently limit the volume that the plant can produce. All of these were mapped and analyzed: technological, quality & regulatory (GMP), waste disposal, logistics.

Based on constraints’ analysis, different scenarios were created for how current processes could be amended to allow greater production, along with the best CAPEX and OPEX profiles.

Deliver concrete results

For each scenario, a business case and implementation plan was defined. The management immediately decided to implement the first scenario and the real benefit that it generated of EUR 2,6 m, exceeded the expected EUR 2,49 m