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Digitization of Problem Solving process in Chemical company increases problems solved rate, reduces bureaucracy & capitalizes knowledge

Client situation & approach

Our client is a major European chemical organisation whose organisation had undergone a global Manufacturing Excellence program but was concerned with the capture and sharing of knowledge around problem solving. We introduced EFESO digital collaborative problem-solving platform that learns from each problem and connects the dots within the organization through machine learning. We used the following approach:

  • Demonstrate the value of our Problem-Solving module at the largest plant within a focused team (ca.10 maintenance & production engineers / technicians), digitizing problem-solving process
  • Roll-out the module in an organic way across the organization, using online training and coaching by change agents


  • More problems solved (access to the right experts, deeper analysis, more rigorous action plan follow-up)
  • Less bureaucracy (paperless, centralized monitoring and reporting)
  • Knowledge capitalization (captures 100% of each problem-solving initiative from start to finish)