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Making the Company Fit for Growth

Case study Marcolin / LVMH / Thelios

Business Challenges

The Company has a prestigious history and excellent financial results

Looking at the market and the competition, the company could see the potential to achieve further growth and better profitability. In particular, they estimated that it was possible to reach a 60% growth in EBITDA within five years.

The perception was that the biggest obstacle to reach this target was capacity. The growth potential was there – “every kilogram we can produce, we will be able to sell.” But there were question marks over whether production volumes could be increased sufficiently. It was important for the Company that any capacity expansion was achieved in a way that was not detrimental to the quality of its products and service, or the internal harmony of the organization.

To ensure this, the Company sought the support of a consultancy that could assess its value chain – from procurement to delivery – and identify if there were any weaknesses and where any strategic interventions may need to be made.

The company chose EFESO Consulting as its partner because of its ability to take an End-to-End (E2E) approach which is agile, both flexible and collaborative in nature, but still rooted in methodology. EFESO also has a proven track record in supporting businesses to develop a single agenda progression system. This system helps companies to understand which different business domains must be improved to achieve the overall strategy. It also helps to align domains in their purpose so they do not operate in siloes and become disconnected.


A two-month assessment, in collaboration with the Company Senior Executive Team. This took place in four key steps.

  • The first step involved deep dive interviews with eight senior stakeholders from the different domains of the business. This helped to build a picture of how each function was affected by the business’s culture, growth, and profitability ambitions.
  • This provided an insight into the Company’ performance over the last three to five years (including P&L and KPIs) and ambitions for the next three to five years. It also provided an understanding of the current functional challenges likely to impact the company’s ambition and which value chain domains needed deeper assessment.
  • The second step was to understand which value chain KPIs were being measured and how they linked to the E2E strategy – in addition to specific functional needs. This allowed EFESO to assess current performance, opportunities and KPI management and improvement processes.
  • Step three was to evaluate the most important value chain processes through the EFESO P-H-D lens – which evaluates processes (P), human dynamics (H) and digital capabilities (D). With an E2E perspective, we were able to evaluate their levels of maturity and identify where improvements could be made.
  • Step four was to rebuild the P&L model to financially map a) what would happen if things remained as they were, b) what needed to happen to reach their ambition and c) what the true potential was – if the right processes, teams, and technical solutions were implemented.
  • The final stage was to construct an E2E value chain progression plan which highlighted the likely results today and results tomorrow, on the top and bottom line, from a ‘boost and build’ approach. This looked at the short-term impact of three-month progression blocks and the gains they would provide if they were consolidated in the long term.

The Client

Our Client is a leading supplier of malted ingredients and brewing and distilling malts to the food and beverage industry. A family-owned business, which has been trading for more than 100 years, it provides an extensive range of products to globally recognized brands, craft brewers and food manufacturers.

The challenge

Develop a plan to achieve a 60% growth in EBITDA within five years, without compromising product quality or customer service.

Industry: Food and Beverage
Location: Suffolk, England
Project duration: 2 months
Expertise: End-to-End Value Chain


  • On completion of the two-month assessment, EFESO was able to demonstrate that it was possible for the Company to exceed its own ambitions and achieve a 100% increase in EBITDA (more than the 60% planned over 5 years).
  • Furthermore, it could accelerate its growth and achieve this target 18-24 months sooner than initially anticipated.
  • To enable the Company to achieve these results, EFESO outlined the necessary steps in an E2E value chain progression plan. This roadmap to growth highlighted the current constraints on the business and provided a clear gap analysis – covering each of the company’s core processes, together with the Human and Digital dynamics. These findings were then consolidated within a strategic plan that would enable the Company to bridge the gap between the current situation and its growth targets.
  • The E2E value chain progression plan also detailed where and when CAPEX interventions would be required. This was all mapped on to progressive cycles, broken down into 3-month blocks. Each block was given a high and quick impact project that would provide a ‘power leap’.
  • In addition to the plan, a ‘performance management tree’ was co-designed to help the Company connect its actions with the strategic plan. Quickly implemented using digital tools, this management tree enabled senior executives to see the impact of key decisions and how they would cascade through the E2E organization – all at the click of a button.
  • Covering elements, such as portfolio management, complexity, and S&OP, the management tree broke this information down into meaningful metrics – to allow people to see what role they played in the E2E organization, how everything was connected and what actions they needed to take.
  • EFESO is now working with the Company to deliver the plan and ensure the new measures stick for the long-term so the company can realize its growth targets.