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Like other services, healthcare, and specifically hospitals, are subject to constant changes in your eco-system. However, there is a crucial element that differentiates healthcare from other industries: the human aspect. 

In healthcare, the core business is not about making goods or selling financial services, it’s about making sure a human life is looked after, where care is adapted to the person and all of this in the best possible environment. This “service” is not given by a machine but by another human, who also needs to feel supported, in every possible way, in the daily care-giving.

The challenges of this care-giving are many and can be summarised as finding the right balance between (medical) service, regulations & efficiency - not forgetting that finding this balance cannot be at any cost.

The healthcare service must therefore focus, like never before, on value given, (organisational) design and (patient) processes.  At the same time, the industry can’t be blind to the guaranteed increase in demand due to the ageing of the global population, along with the ever evolving (medical) technology that impacts the type of care given and, possibly most importantly, the patients’ expectations.

EFESO is uniquely & empathically equipped to help hospitals and other healthcare services to focus on the different type of challenges you want to attack: from efficiency gain in a certain part of the organisation to implementing the Continuous Improvement mind set at every level… and help you to progress sustainably.

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