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Create Constancy of Purpose

Having a clear and powerful "Why"

The Shingo Model’s definition of the principle Create Constancy of Purpose is, “an unwavering clarity of why the organization exists, where it is going, and how it will get there", which it goes on to say, "enables people to align their actions, as well as to innovate, adapt and take risks with greater confidence.”

The principle of Create Constancy of Purpose lies in the Enterprise Alignment dimension of the Shingo Model because a consistent and clear purpose for the organization becomes the "why" which every individual in the organization uses to assure that their energies and efforts are properly aligned. But it also should be much more than just a point of reference for alignment purposes. In order to truly transform an organization, the "why" must be powerful and move people at their deepest level. Of course, it is essential that the leaders not try to create a new “why” every quarter or year, but rather stick to the clear reason why the organization exists, even in challenging times.

Does having a clear and powerful “why” really matter? I answer with an emphatic yes it makes all the difference! Research shows that companies with engaged employees have 5 times higher shareholder returns than those that don’t. If people feel good about the work their organization does and if they feel that they are valuable contributors to that good they enjoy their work more, are energized by the work, finding it rewarding and that all translates into better performance and results. Things always tend to go better when everyone in the organization is engaged and motivated to do the right things. But we must always keep in mind that engagement is important but engagement without alignment can be a frustrating failure for the group. Both engagement and alignment are needed to be successful in the end.

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