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The world is moving at a rapid pace; evolving continuously. The global business space is striving to remain relevant by adopting innovative techniques and practices and setting new benchmarks. People are at the core of it, driving the progression of the world through their own progression. In our knowledge-driven world, we use our experiences and learnings to help people progress faster.

This Knowledge is what we Now want to share with inquisitive readers and leaders from across the industry. We strongly believe that Know Now is a great way to contribute to the progression of people and their organizations. It is a platform through which we share knowledge to trigger possibilities of progressing to the next level together. Know Now will include our structured offerings in the form of knowledge boost triggers - Knowbots; Points of View from our experts, the Latest News from the industry and unrestricted access to our Publications.

In today’s world, the journey to excellence requires us to master the power of Progression.

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