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The CDVC Model



Each one of us contributes to at least one of the functions that combine to make the value chain of our business. At a macro level, we have seen organizations become more competitive by creating end-to-end collaborative relationships with suppliers and customers; and thereby eliminating business losses hidden in between functional silos. Even strategically, it is imperative that organizations link their supply chain strategy to its overall strategy and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In the first Knowbot, we share The CDVC Model that EFESO has developed, together with key industry leading companies. The Concurrent Digitalized Value Chain (CDVC) progression model supports a game changing shift from the traditional Supply Chain into an End to End (E2E) Synchronized Value Chain. Only a Concurrent Progression approach across all functions and involving Processes, Digital Tools and Human Dynamics, can tackle the losses hidden between functions and turn a traditional Supply Chain into a reliable and agile tool for your Sales Force to extract more revenue from the market at a more competitive cost.

Read on to understand how the CDVC model guides organizations to assess their maturity level, performance and capability gaps, and to help develop an integrated E2E progression plan containing a strategic, systemic and specific improvement program.

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