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As inflation dominates the agenda in the short and medium term the role of the commercial organization is crucial in keeping profitability in view. In response, EFESO has developed Margin Excellence, an operating system that gives Commercial Teams near to real-time control of cost and revenue levers.

Model the impact of Margin Excellence on your own business using the benefits calculator.

Calculate your benefits

By inputting four pieces of information and hitting “Calculate”, the calculator presents you with your personalised Margin Excellence results.

This is giving you the confidence that embarking on a ME transformation will deliver tangible benefits.

Before you go

  • Margin Excellence (ME) impact % - typically between 1% & 3%
  • Current Revenue – last 12 months Revenue
  • Current COGS – last 12 months Cost of Goods Sold
  • Current SG&A – last 12 months Selling, General and Admin expenses

Your results

Margin impact: %

Current Me Model (%)
Revenue (£)
COGS (£)
SG&A (£)
Op Profit (£)
Op Profit (%)
Margin Excellence impact
Op Profit impact
Sam Clarke
Principal, Operations

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