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January 19202301:00 PM (CET)

Blockchain Boosting your Supply Chain - 1h

Organizations are confronted with:

  • Increasing compliance requirements and volatile supply chains that drive the need for digital supply chain transparency
  • Disperse IT systems at N-Tier suppliers preventing a standardized approach to collect supply chain data
  • External supply chain information that is not accessible when needed or only on manual interaction
  • Regulatory requirements that need new approaches to guarantee data integrity

Blockchain can help you with:

  • Automated capturing of supply chain events, linked to an immutable “chain of evidence”
  • Secured claims on quality / provenance / status become part of a product passport
  • Business rule enforcement based on Smart Contracts

During this event you will learn how companies:

  • Cut down documentation and archiving costs by more than 60%
  • Generate more than 20% efficiency gains of QA staff
  • Get rid of paper-based compliance processes at all

…by making use of an enterprise middleware with a blockchain backend

March 15202301:00 PM (CET)

Internet of Thing Boosting your Production - 1h

Organizations are confronted with:

  • Volatile markets and high order fluctuations force companies to be ever more flexible in their production planning
  • Growing product individuality from series to single-item production requires new easy-to-use possibilities
  • Constantly shorter delivery times and the expectation of sustainable production are normal and cause questions for companies

Solutions with an IoT-based production management:

  • Intelligent – co-thinking
  • Production quality increasing – with proof of quality
  • Energy reducing - material and time resources

During this event you will learn how companies:

  • Implement digital transformation in manufacturing using IoT-based production management
  • Improved OEE by 15 – 20%
  • Achieve maximum transparency in the entire manufacturing process
  • Ensure complete production documentation
  • Ensure maximum data security and sovereignty

…by making use of IoT-based production management