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Companies across the world are using new disruptive technologies and the power of data to unlock their businesses and generate a step change in productivity, quality, safety and delivery to customers. To not start a structured and orchestrated digital journey is no longer an option, especially in the new normal after COVID-19.

In light of this many companies are investing heavily in digital tools, but most of them are struggling to see any impact on their business results. Why is this?

Digital transformation is not just about acquiring new technology but about using it as an enabler to boost processes that are already mature and have achieved excellence. Also, digital transformation is not only about technology but about developing a digital mindset within the organization and creating a new way of thinking and working. Digital is the “how” and not the “why”.

EFESO, with its unique combination of expertise in Operational Excellence, Human Dynamics and Digital, is the right partner to have on this journey. Our teams seamlessly integrate all required expertise, from profound lean and operational excellence know-how to data scientists and IT specialists. We have a long track record in industrial digitization as well as a unique benchmark based on our Industry 4.0 Award.

For us, results count and we focus on measurable results, developing a digital roadmap and prioritizing initiatives accordingly.

Piero Donaggio

Senior Data Analist FibonacciLab

The smart combination of lean production with the possibilities of Industry 4.0 makes industrial companies faster, more flexible and more adaptable and at the same time opens up new revenue and value creation potential.
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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 can be described as the fourth stage of industrial (r)evolution. It is transforming manufacturing and supply chain processes through connectivity and thereby enabling the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to improve automation, communication and use of real-time data. By applying these technologies and principles, service, efficiency, quality and safety of industrial processes can all be increased. New smart products, services and business models can also be developed that will fully exploit the potential of IoT, autonomous technologies and real-time supply chains synchronization. Industry 4.0 thus expands business opportunities from product-based to service-based revenue streams.

Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Furthermore, coupled with advanced analytics and data science, virtual/dynamic data models enable the mapping and simulation of physical objects, processes or entire networks along the product and system life cycle. These digital twins are much more than a mere virtualization technology, but the key to data-based business models that enable precise predictions to be made about performance, the value-added process, weak points, material fatigue or other risks. For example, developers can change functions, test new settings and evaluate complex simulations at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Infra Architecture Design

The key question in all companies is how to connect so many different inconsistent data sources, in a very complex machine and operations environment, with a myriad of tools and platforms already installed and new upcoming technologies in the market. What could a target architecture scenario look like, consisting of fully integrated and sustainable solutions? First of all, it is a question of how the IIoT (Industrial Internet-of-Things) solution stack should be constructed, covering machines and devices up to the ERP system. It is getting harder and harder in this early mover driven market


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EFESO Management Consultants is delighted to present our valued partner, whose skills and expertise ideally complement our depth of knowledge and capability in Improving your RESULTS TODAY and Securing your RESULTS FOR TOMORROW.
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