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To operate in today’s volatile market, you need, more than ever, to take better and faster decisions and act upon them in an effective and efficient manner. Unfortunately, people’s time and cognitive energy is limited and is consumed by multiple priorities and external triggers.

Organizations are increasingly becoming more synchronized and globally intertwined. On the one hand, this greatly increases the data that is available to be analyzed and exploited; on the other, this simultaneously makes it harder to squeeze value out of it. The good news is that there are huge opportunities – previously inaccessible – that can now be exploited using Advanced Analytics and Data Science such as Machine Learning. Many new applications are possible and existing ones enhanced such as:

  • allowing the real time monitoring and management of the operations efficiency
  • enabling new ways of working
  • accessing additional revenue streams from new and revisited business models.

Reaping these benefits is a challenge, as it requires the orchestration of new elements alongside the legacy of people, processes, tools and systems, which have been built up over time. According to Harvard Business Review, 70% of initiatives miss the mark due a lack of focus on all the elements of Process, People and Digital. This is huge considering the value of the Digital Transformation market is more than $1tr.

Piero Donaggio

Head of Data Science FibonacciLab

EFESO has developed a unique, practical and pragmatic approach thanks to our strong Operational Excellence roots helping our clients to reap the benefits of advanced analytics and data science in a future-proof end-to-end value chain.

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These potential benefits are only expected to grow and the gap between leaders and laggards widen in a post COVID-19 world. According to a recent EFESO Study, 52% of respondents claim that technology is the main catalyst to improving bottom line results during and out of the crisis. Digital champions benefitted during the COVID-19 lockdown and will continue to benefit into the future.

Whereas today’s companies can rely on decades of progress and benchmarks in terms of process and people capability, they are rapidly reaching their limits in their ability to process and squeeze value from their data. Indeed, it requires new capabilities and skills such as Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, etc, that were non-existent only a decade ago.

Fortunately, value-adding building blocks - utilising new mainstream technology - can be constructed where technology is the recipe and the ingredients are your data. Both the data and technology are of equal importance.

Examples of regular challenges and opportunities…

  • Predict short to long term customer needs and demand, match them optimally automatically to supply and inventory thanks to advanced analytics
  • Predict equipment breakdowns and/or quality problems
  • Optimize the network by creating a virtual digital twin of the end to end supply chain to balance manufacturing, distribution, and logistics footprint using data science
  • Enable end-to-end visibility of material flows, supporting performance management, intervention by exception, predictive and self-adjusting operations through machine learning

It is clear, companies need to start applying these techniques to the highest priority opportunities now. Organisations cannot afford to wait. The competition is already making rapid steps, and the early adopters and leaders are building a financial advantage that will be more difficult to overcome as time passes.

The challenge is not only to get started but how to sustain and continuously improve in today’s VUCA world. This goes not only for identifying and prioritising the relevant focus areas connected to business needs, but also for making sure the organisation is ready to absorb, retain and leverage the digital nuggets thanks to the appropriate work-force digital capability. In essence, it is about moving away from a specific digitally driven project to a business-driven programme whereby technology is embedded into all work processes and is supported by people, ways or working and behaviours.

Only a concurrent progression which brings together people, processes and the power of data science can augment your performance. This progression can practically and effectively lead to a fully realised end-to-end intelligent and autonomous value chain as an accelerant to rapidly achieving your company’s strategy.

The way we guide you

EFESO has developed a unique, practical and pragmatic approach thanks to our strong Operational Excellence roots. We help our clients to exploit the benefits of a future-proof End-to-End Value Chain by exploiting the power of data and systems which can create value using current and future people and processes.

We can support your organization through each step of its digital journey with our data scientists and digital consultants of FibonacciLab, an EFESO company. We help to prioritize and tackle the area(s) that deliver rapid results self-funding your digital transformation journey. Our services in this area include:

  • Ensuring you know why and how to win in the data science era. We help you to develop your own roadmap, based on an End to End digital maturity assessment. Our assessment approach can be customized to your needs; from fast-tracked to an in-depth state-of-the-art assessment. We then co-create with you a clear implementation path utilizing the right blend of internal and external resources.
  • Driving the implementation of your advanced analytics and data science solutions accompanied by the right amount of digital training and coaching, and alignment to business processes, ensuring ownership and adoption of the new ways of working.
  • Accompanying you in the development of tailor-made solutions, to smoothly drive your processes to higher levels of performance. Data science solutions such as digital twins for scenario simulations and smart cockpits to drive your IBP process, are among our areas of expertise.
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