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Contributing to Progression … through

Knowledge Boost Triggers (KnowBoTs)

At EFESO, we are obsessed with progression. Over the last 35 years, some of our brightest minds, equipped with a unique set of competencies / expertise, have helped people tread the path of excellence. Our strength is Knowledge, and each time we share knowledge, it is the trigger to possibilities of progressing to the next level together. We have therefore structured this sharing and named them Knowledge Boost Triggers - KNOWBOTS.

Fundamentally, each KnowBoT is powerful enough to have a lasting impact on sustainable progression of everyone. Yet, there will be elements that are helpful to strategize from a broader perspective, while there will also be different considerations for people who actually work on the ground. Hence, to be able to give a trigger to each progression possibility, we categorize the KnowBoTs as:

  • Macro: Corporate / Market / Extended Enterprise
  • Meso : BU / Plant
  • Micro: Team / Unit
  • Perso: Single Person
Knowledge Boost Treasure - KnoBoT
KnowBoTs are ideas that will inspire and empower you to progress faster; by improving your results today, securing your results tomorrow.
Anshul Bajaj, Editor
Macro level
Corporate / Market / Extended Enterprise
Meso level
BU / Plant
Micro level
Team / Unit
Peso level
Single Person
In this first edition, our experts Eitel Monaco and Clive Geldard will drive you through the Concurrent Digital Value Chain Model. This KnowBoT has been developed by EFESO together with key industry leading companies to guide organizations to assess their maturity level, performance and capability gaps. It will also help us to understand and develop an integrated E2E progression plan containing a strategic, systemic and specific improvement program.