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Turning Maintenance into
a Value Contributor


In these times of Covid-19 pandemic, as industries gradually restart their operations, the focus is, more than ever, back on cost. Experts are back to devising the most appropriate strategies for their business functions. Particularly, in the case of asset-heavy industries, the Maintenance function has always been and continues to be an important contributor in gaining cost competitiveness. Everyone recognizes the criticality of the maintenance function as a key focus area and, very often, it provides significant opportunities for improvement both within the process and on managing performance.

The most common examples from process industries are practices around Autonomous Management and Operator Care. In addition, targeted digital capability offers new opportunities to better predict asset condition and any necessary interventions, as well as improve the efficiency of work order execution. Leveraging on these facets of maintenance excellence, leading companies have been able to turn maintenance into a value contributor to the organisation.

Read on to refresh your knowledge on various maintenance strategies within the broader concept of value centred maintenance, key focus areas that can take maintenance excellence to the next level and some typical results that EFESO has achieved with clients.

About the authors

Fernando Cruzado

Operational Transformation Expert

Regis Ponce

Reliability & Maintainability Expert

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