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  • Smart Product Development

    Smart Product Development

    Unlock the value of your products and the potential within your innovation team

  • Smart Product Development

    Smart Product Development

    Unlock the value of your products and the potential within your innovation team

Smart Product Development

Profound changes are taking place across all industries. Customer demands are growing continuously, product ecosystems are spreading across different sectors, highly qualified people are becoming increasingly hard to find, and everything is becoming digital.

To achieve excellence, business leaders have to take an integrated approach. This means adapting the structure of their organizations and their product portfolios, in order to create sustainable value for their businesses and their customers.


Robert Schrobbenhauser

VP / Global Head of Smart Product Development


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Where we can help you

Whatever your challenges we will find a tailored approach with you



Being a step ahead of competition and reaching the market earlier, potentially boosting your revenues.



Working on cost-effectiveness in all dimensions and focusing on what really brings value to your customers.



Scaling the output of your existing organization while increasing the motivation of your employees.



Enabling you to develop innovations instead of spending time cleaning up errors.


The EFESO touch

A tailored approach to meet your needs


At EFESO we have a long track record of supporting businesses in four core areas: product; organization; processes; and integration.

We have worked with 120 clients over the last five years, helping them to unlock the value of their products – and the potential within their innovation teams. Our consultants are highly experienced, each offering over 19 years of expertise – and delivering an average 10x return on investment.

We are experts in cross-industry projects. We learn the best practices from the leading players across different sectors and adapt them for your business. We understand your ecosystem. From strategy to realization, we work with you to deliver on the top and bottom lines. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams, we deliver results right from the outset.

By combining top-down and bottom-up perspectives, we create long-term, positive structural and behavioral change.


Some of the results we deliver for Clients

20% - 60%

increase in

Sales Revenue YoY



increase in

Rate of Idea Generation


20% - 40%

decrease in

Manufacturing Cost


€ 2.000

decrease in

Cost of Quality per review


5% - 20%

decrease in

Time to Market


20% - 40%

decrease in

Portfolio Diversification


Our Services

Our Smart Product Development services will help you deliver – quickly and effectively


  • We help you create profitable products that maximize customer satisfaction. Working alongside you, we can make a difference in the following areas:

    Product portfolio management

    Enable & exploit the commercial potential of smart products

    Complexity and variant management

    Manage many product variants, without increasing costs

    Frugal innovations

    Simplify product functions down to the core requirements

    Customer value co-creation (Design-to-Value)

    Sustain customer satisfaction by making their requirements integral to design

    Sustainable products

    Enable eco-oriented product design and re-use

  • We help you develop and launch your products faster and more effectively. Working alongside you, we can make a difference in the following areas:

    Product & system lifecycle management

    Ensure that product data and business functions are aligned

    Innovation management

    Focus efforts and creativity to achieve a competitive edge

    Lean development

    Enable customer-orientation, efficiency, and adaptation

    Industrialization & launch management

    Minimize effort, quality issues and sales delays

    Quality in product development

    Reduce waste, rework, and complaints

  • We help you develop a more adaptive, effective, and customer-oriented organization. Working alongside you, we can make a difference in the following areas:

    Global competence footprint

    Create sustainable global organizations with clear interfaces with the outside world

    Collaboration and network structures

    Set common goals and facilitate organizational improvement

    Engineering floor management

    Enable agile working and move towards “lean” goals for your organization

    Agile organization

    Create empowered organizations capable of fast reactions and customer-centricity

    Minimum viable organization

    Focus efforts and streamline structures to meet key essentials

  • We work alongside your teams to ensure your innovation initiatives are aligned with your strategy – and the processes connecting your ecosystem are digitally streamlined. We can make a difference in the following areas:

    R&D portfolio & strategy synchronization

    Align your ambitions and actions with capabilities, and growth

    Co-design in ecosystems

    Work with partners and suppliers to achieve new results and collaborations

    Development 4.0

    Apply DigiTech and automation in R&D and lifecycle management

    Innovation & engineering operating model

    Take a holistic approach to setting the milestones for innovation in your organization

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