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Concurrent Digitalized Value Chain



In the second KnowBoT of the CDVC series, we discuss the importance of collective thinking and how we apply EFESO’s Human Dynamics approach to find the most effective way to move people’s current mind-set and behaviour towards the desired one. 

The focus is on building a solid foundation from which to embark on a progression journey. EFESO’s philosophy on Human Dynamics is based on the assumption that behaviour is not a coincidence: it is complex and unique for every individual. Hence, to bring about a desired change in behaviour requires an approach that works by developing and motivating people to adopt the new values, mind-sets and behaviours essential to successfully drive the processes.  The Concurrent Digitalized Value Chain (CDVC) progression model supports the shift from traditional Supply Chain into an End to End (E2E) Synchronized Value Chain. A specific focus is dedicated to People, the backbone of any change process.

Read on to find out more about how a CDVC-HD approach can make significant impact on people’s behaviour during their progression journey.

About the authors

Lucas van Engelen

Human Dynamics International Expert

Marcia de Troyer

Vice President, Head of Human Dynamics

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