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Measure to Know
and ImpAct


In the previous KnowBoTs we have discussed some powerful models that guide organizations towards accelerated results and progression excellence. Before embarking on any progression journey, be it operational excellence at a site or an end-to-end value chain excellence initiative, it is imperative to ask a few fundamental questions: What is the objective/goal of the journey? Where are we today vis-à-vis that goal? How well (or how poorly) are we performing? What are the gaps we need to close? Are our people ready for the transformation? Similarly, once the journey has started, we need to continuously seek answers to: Are we progressing in the right direction? Are we levelling up our maturity on the challenges we set out? Are people adopting the changes? Are we achieving sustainable results?

Over the past 40 years, EFESO has gained vast global experience, across industries, in creating proven assessment and monitoring systems, to answer these questions. The systems provide the capability to know the Current Condition - “What’s going on” and the Gaps - “What to focus on”, which eventually give the pragmatism to be able to affect results.

Read on to understand the power of EFESO’s assessment and monitoring system, how we measure to Know and Impact, and some of the results we have achieved with our clients based on our assessment approach.

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Dieter Carels

Human Dynamics & Digital Integration Expert

Lucas van Engelen

Human Dynamics International Expert

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