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Dynamically Realign Strategy & Projects


Analysing portfolios can be a tough job, especially when companies are operating in a largely global economy that is marred by uncertainty and complexity. Even trickier is to be in the driver’s seat, taking decisions on what an innovation portfolio for an enterprise should comprise of.

So, why do portfolios fail even though they were chosen having taken both business strategy and the vision of the enterprise into consideration? The answer, for most enterprises, is that they have not recognized the fact that changing market dynamics requires constant alignment and realignment of business strategy with existing projects and new initiatives.

Successful portfolios are built with a high innovation quotient coupled with constant optimization of all initiatives across the end-to-end value chain, giving due consideration to existing projects while constantly evaluating the new ideas that are aligned with strategic business objectives.

This KnowBoT is targeted at a macro-level (corporate/enterprise wide) audience, where we will discuss why innovation is an integral part of portfolio management and how EFESO’s innovation portfolio optimization process works to make the best choices for a successful portfolio. We also share some real-case innovation examples at our clients.

About the authors

Mario Galassini

Innovation Management Expert

Michele Bianchi

Change & Innovation Expert

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