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Accelerated operational improvement in aerospace & defense speeds up recurring cost reduction and throughput targets

Client situation & approach

Our Client is a top player in the Aerospace Industry. Securing the ramp up rate of specific aircraft sections and reducing Recurring cost (RC) target were the company’s main challenges. The shopfloor stayed in firefighting mode, basic routines were not installed and the interfaces with key support functions were not well defined.

In this context, consultants now employed by EFESO supported the client in a 22-week project by:

  • Review and implementation of shop floor routines and performance behaviour standards
  • Reducing losses at the interfaces of the various functions by:
    • Designing and implementing a performance management system and routines
    • Supporting the definition of SOI/Work sequences
    • Ensuring recruitment and training was aligned with Production
    • Challenging individual performance evaluation methods


  • Sustainable 150 hours RC reduction per aircraft
  • Additional reduction activities planned to secure further improvements
  • Standard Operating System fully revised, enhanced and implemented on shop floor area
  • Performance culture aligned with newly designed site and project governance driving continuous improvement and sustainability