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Lean Agile in Cosmetics with 40% reduction in time to market and 97% Project on Time improvement

Client situation & approach

This client is working in the highly aggressive and competitive environment of cosmetic make up. These market conditions are forcing an increase in the number of product / collection launches per year from four to six. Alongside this increase in launches is the need to keep costs at target level.

EFESO supported by:

  • Assessing and Transforming the client’s product development process to become Lean-Agile
  • Creating a blueprint design of the product development process and organization, which was aimed at waste elimination and resource utilization improvement
  • Redesigning of the project management system
  • Introducing Lean tools and methodologies (Pull planning, Kanban, Scrum, Obeya) as well as training


  • Introduction of project selection via cascaded matrices
  • 25% reduction of critical path activities
  • Reviewed project management and introduced Design Cycle and Design Review
  • Resource workload levelling and SCRUM in the functions
  • From 20% to 40% time to market reduction on different categories
  • Project on Time was improved to 97%