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Creating a transformation agent force to deliver €50+M savings

Client situation

Our Client is one of the world leaders in specialty chemical, active in more than 100 countries around the world and with over 33,000 employees.

After a strategic “reset” of the organizational setup, the Client needed to develop and harmonize the maintenance function. There were some “jewels”/best practices available in different sites but not shared across the network. The need to strengthen the ONE TEAM mindset, to ensure one way of working, as well as to prepare expectations for long-term change was critical. They were for example willing to install autonomous transformation infrastructure to improve asset reliability and maintenance costs. As such they needed to harmonize the maintenance function and improve cross-collaboration to optimize maintenance investments.


EFESO Management Consultants supported the leading specialty company in two phases:

Phase 1:

  • Collecting all good practices and ways of working (across 17 selected focus sites)
  • Selecting 50 change agent candidates who were involved from “day 1”
  • Setting up of a change agent academy ready for phase 2

Phase 2:

  • Deep dives per site – building bridges across the organization
  • Developing roadmaps including improvement areas
  • Implementing a ‘Boost approach’ at pilot sites to accelerate tangible benefits and implement improvements
  • Setting up site-specific/local infrastructure to drive further implementation


Quantitative results:

  • 50 Change agents developed worldwide to act as catalysts for transformation in 17 sites
  • €50 M€ annualized benefits. During the first year the implemented improvement enabled to achieve 10 M€ annualized (total benefit equivalent to 9% maintenance spend reduction)

Qualitative results

  • Developed standards and shared good practices related to main maintenance processes
  • Significantly improved organizational trust and collaboration