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Behavior development in a large-scale retail channel improved: Planning and forecast KPIs to 98%, picking lines OK 99,9%

Client situation & approach

One of the most successful retailers in the Netherlands has a growth in EBITDA of 30% year-on-year.

The Client wants to maintain and build on the current market position. The major objectives of the project were improving communication processes and inter-connection between departments, achieving sustainability in processes, systems, standards but most of all in the behaviour.

This was achieved by implementing a Daily Management System over a 3 years plan eliminating losses and waste on specific targets. The departments worked together to eliminate losses that arose from not giving each other information of changes in the process quick enough. Individual coaching was offered to management to improve how they acted in their leadership role and to sustain the desired behaviour. The standard way of working was improved by using Job Instructions Module of TWI (Training Within Industry) for the capability development.


  • Performance improved by 8/10% per department, due to the behaviour development within the departments
  • Improvement teams performed even better than the targets
  • Planning and forecast KPIs improved by 95% > 98%
  • Concerning Quality, Picking reliability improved from 98,7% to 99,3% and Picking Lines OK improved from 99,5% to 99,9%


Thanks to this program I am not only improving on my KPIs but also on how I manage the process and, most important, the people
- Team Leader

Now I really make a connection with my team leader and everything is much more structured, so we know what to do and what to expect from each other
– Shift Leader