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DYNAMIC DSI (S&OP Digital Solution) implemented in a Pharma company, enables the Executive S&OP team to perform real-time simulations

Client and approach

The Client is a Pharma start up launching a genetic treatment for prostate cancer and wanted to introduce a digital Dynamic DSI (Demand – Supply – Inventory) solution to ease the preparation and execution of the Executive S&OP:

  • By having DSI available in real time based on latest submission of the Demand and the Supply plans
  • without any manual work behind data entry
  • with simulation functionality for both demand and supply variations
  • By having a single repository of data and DSI for immediate as well as future use

EFESO supported the client in identifying a digital solution that best matched the Client’s needs, expectations and utilization and supported the implementation of the solution taking into account and managing Processes and Human Dynamics.


  • The client has acquired the capability of a DSI solution, available in real time with no work-day lost;
  • The tool enables the Executive S&OP team to make real time simulations during S&OP;
  • Improved decision making for the Executive S&OP team
  • The Supply Chain Planning team is focused on analysing data and trends as opposed to being consumed with S&OP deck preparation