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Improve EBITDA margin from less than 2% to 12% in less than two years for a multi-brand kitchen company

The target company is a leading multi-brand Italian kitchen company operating in both national and international markets, and was facing profit erosion due to a fall in demand. This positioned the company in a financially distressed situation.

The Italian turnaround fund was looking for a partner to identify ways to:

  • Increase revenues and improve market position in the German, French and Italian retail markets, as well as in the project manufacturing market
  • Improve EBITDA through increased efficiency, effectiveness, and cash release.

Our approach

After a three-week assessment, we started a turnaround program focusing on:

  • Outsourcing processes, and a new organization
  • Operational process review and an associated productivity increase both in the Italian and the French plants
  • Rationalization of products and stock policies
  • Time-to-market reduction through a process re-design and configuration tool implementation
  • The customer experience, and an associated and needs analysis
  • Supply chain performance analysis, and the improvement of supply chain synchronization


The program deployed helped improve EBITDA margin from less than 2% to 12% in less than two years.

Industry: Manufacturing
Project : Turnaround