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Industry 4.0 Potential Assessment in Pharma Manufacturer resulting in the elaboration of 10 digital solutions

Client situation & approach

The client is a world leader in the development and manufacture of mainly lactose-based excipients. Production is based on make-to-stock & make-to-order principles however, even though the MTO element (highly manual specified products from a designated site) only makes up a small part of orders, it generates ~30% of profit.

Also, the IT landscape is made up of unaligned solutions which cause manual (re-)work and inefficiencies. Currently there are unfulfilled business requirements especially data transparency in in-process-control, electronic batch record and customer portal.

EFESO supported by:

  • Carrying out analysis of Fit/gap of processes and tools, IT architecture & Industry 4.0 mapping and Potentials assessment
  • Using Use cases & payback for business case development & evaluation
  • Road mapping the development of waves and work packages


  • Analysis of 132 pain points in total
  • 18 of which were manual Excel workarounds
  • 2,100h of unplanned and micro stops p.a.
  • Elaboration of 10 digital solutions, addressing analyzed pain points
  • IT landscape development
  • Business case calculation, evaluation and prioritization
  • Roadmap development for implementation