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Lean Transformation program in Automotive Luxury Manufacturer achieves +20% total productivity increase

Client situation

The client manufactures luxury vehicles with an already established Lean Production System and high variant spread. However, the company was facing several challenges:

  • Problems during ramp-up of the second series to production line
  • Introduction of a third series on the same assembly line
  • Volume increase doubled within a few months


EFESO supported the automotive Client by:

  • Taking a structured & parallel approach for Lean Transformation with early manager involvement including:
    • 3-week analysis and concept phases
    • 6-week implementation phase
    • 8-week light support phase
  • Ensuring there was focus on KPIs per division right from the start
    • Hours Per Unit (HPU), Right First Time (RFT), Defects Per Vehicle (DPV)
  • Recording comprehensive video of process sequences and joint waste analysis for 2 series model variants
  • Improving process and design of new series in the form of 3P (Pre-Production-Planning)-light workshops
  • Consolidating Yamazumi boards of all processes and parallel line balancing of the three series

Overall, a targeted implementation with prioritization of metrics.


  • 85% increase in manufacturing volumes of finished cars at the plant
  • 15-25% productivity increase after only 8 weeks
  • 20% Total Productivity at the plant confirmed after 5 months
  • 30% improvement of Quality KPI "Right First Time" (RTF)
  • -30% reduction in the assembly line cycle
  • Reduction of rework effort through quality control loop improvement
  • Focused Lean Transformation along the entire assembly line with 5 parallel projects
  • Smooth introduction of pre-series vehicles into production