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Maturity Assessment to accelerate speed in a pharma company


The Client has 87 manufacturing sites in 38 countries, employing ±100,000 people. To respond to health needs worldwide, the client needed to strengthen production capacity, promote inter-site collaboration and increase its presence in emerging markets.

EFESO has been asked to provide support on how to develop the Maturity Assessment System to increase collaboration and efficiency in order to sustain this industrial network strategy EFESO supported by:

  • Customisation and system design, including web tool set-up, knowledge base customisation and assessment process definition
  • Initial training of future internal leaders and system calibration based on EFESO’s professional assessors’ support
  • Global system roll-out to converge towards Manufacturing System and system maintenance (for contents and tool)


  • More than 150 people actively using the system with 30 certified internal assessors
  • Three waves of ten official assessments each with the definition of the progression road maps (including concrete suggestions for all the sites)
  • After the first year, the assessment has been rolled out to all the regions
  • There is continuous collaboration for the improvement of the digital platform