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Mobilising for progression with a global industrial supplier by Human Dynamics(HD)-reinforced deployment of integrated planning

Client situation & approach

Our client is a Swedish leading OE supplier with manufacturing plants around the world suppling industrial parts and services globally. It had decided to move from a fragmented Demand Planning to an Integrated Demand Planning process in 50 sites and 20 warehouses. This would be the biggest change in the client’s demand chain for 30 years, dramatically impacting staff roles and responsibilities and ways of working. EFESO was asked to do a change readiness assessment of the first two deployed plants, as well as the affected warehouses with the objective to deliver a HD reinforced deployment plan for the coming planned plants.

To establish a sustainable Progression/implementation (P) of a project both the Quality (Q) of the solutions - the design of the systems, tools, structures, plans, procedures, roles etc. and the Adoption, Activation, Anchoring (A3) of the solutions - the way people are relating to the device/the solutions, need to be addressed and focused. Illustrated by the logic [P=Q x A3] formula.


HD reinforced deployment plan based on gaps identified by the assessment which led to a more effective, accelerated and sustainable implementation plan (considering both the hard and soft aspects). Some examples:

  • Earlier adoption by the plant teams of the new system and way of working by having full understanding and knowledge of the system and the impact of the change
  • Earlier activation of the plant teams and engagements of the local leadership team by involving them much earlier in the implementation approach
  • Sustainable use and continuous improvement of the new system, measurement and follow-up activities and improved progression monitoring
  • Improved structure, processes, methods and deployed objectives to manage acceptance and people motivation

Upgrade of the global implementation plan with the best practices of the pilot sites:

  • Dedicated training, communication and change person to guide all roles during the transition
  • Creation of an end-to-end playbook to support the transition with description of roles, phases, activities, etc.