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Mobilising an insurance company workforce to achieve the full digitalisation of operational processes

Client situation & approach

The client is a leading company aiming to upgrade and maintain mobility for its members. Services include road-side assistance and insurance. The company decided to streamline and digitize operational processes by implementing 2 standardized ERP systems. They needed help designing and deploying a Change Master Plan to ensure adoption of the new tools and new way of working. Complicating factors were that this was the first time the implementation of a major application was outsourced, go-live data had been postponed a number of times, it was one of many simultaneous projects and absence of key management roles led to scepticism and a “wait and see” attitude.


  • Successful use of the two ERP systems by all populations
  • New way of working adopted without strike or operational downtime
  • All employees are engaged and were involved in the description and documentation of their own processes
  • The new way of working is more client-centric & digitized