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Operational Excellence in the beer sector

Client situation & approach

An international leader in the Beer sector present in 70 countries with more than 150 breweries spread across the globe. The company decided to launch a global Continuous Improvement initiative to generate cost efficiency improvements to support new acquisitions while at the same time creating a common 'way of working’ throughout its Supply Chain Operations.

EFESO supported in:

  • Co-designing its customized Operational Excellence Program framework
  • Deploying it progressively in the operating units
  • Designing and delivering on-the-job training to thousands of employees on OpEx methodologies to build internal capabilities for an autonomous roll-out in the new units
  • Co-creating the client’s methodological 'OpEx Toolbox’ with all main pillars in manufacturing and logistics
  • Providing plant leadership teams with a step change in their change management skills through training programs followed by the practical application
  • Facilitating the process for High Performance Organizational design of their future operating units


  • An extended Continuous Improvement culture throughout the entire Supply Chain organization with all 150 breweries consistently running the OpEx Program
  • Major results in terms of OEE improvement ( 20%), material waste reduction (-22%), transportation cost reduction (-12%) and other losses reduction through more than 20.000 improvement projects
  • In the first 8 years of the OpEx Program implementation, productivity doubled and fixed & variable cost were reduced by 35% contributing to delivering 400M€ savings within Supply Chain
  • A full-fledged HPO Organizational Design blueprint for future operating units
  • 700 certified PKE™ employees able to successfully drive Continuous Improvement both in manufacturing and logistics
  • A fully embedded change management capability in most operating units