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Performance Behavior project in a chemical company with 40% improvement achieved on the selected KPI

Client situation & approach

The client is a global producer of natural gas-based fertilizers and industrial chemicals, employing around 3000 people. Confronted with an ageing workforce at the sites, increasing environmental regulations, internal pressure to reduce safety risks and need to improve the plant performance a Behavior Excellence initiative was launched in 1 key site in the Netherlands as a blueprint.


  • BAS (Behavior Analysis System) score of Effective leadership skills and behaviours increased from 25% to 65%
  • Reduction weight variation packing department from 10 % variation to 2% variation
  • Sustainable and tangible process improvements realized leading to significant benefits (e.g. increased volume, increased First Time Right quality, improved safety indicators)
  • Effective performance management and dialogue established throughout all layers of the company
  • Improved ability to conduct transformation programmes at the sites with limited resources from external parties