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Lean Agile in an Automotive Equipment Supplier to create one Product Development Process Handbook

Client situation & approach

The Client is a luxury car producer, which is suffering from the lack of a single reference for the Product Development Process, resulting in no standardization, synchronization, best practice application, efficiency and effectiveness during execution.

EFESO supported the client with:

  • Establishing alignment to One Product Development Process (PDP), which ensures higher effectiveness during execution and a solid base for further improvements, in terms of time and cost reduction during development
  • The creation of a Handbook, illustrating the main processes and their interconnections, interdependencies and criticalities, thus harmonizing the PDP and eliminating different approaches


ONE PDP Handbook composed of:

  • Product process development mapping, description and synchronisation (objectives, main milestones and gates of each PDP phase)
  • Clear definition of phases, process and deliverables
  • Clear definition of the organisational structure and roles and responsibilities applied in each phase (methodology: SIPOC, RACI)
  • Templates and standards compiled for each PDP phase