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Progression Strategy for a luxury sports car manufacturer to support the concept and design of the assembly and logistics for the client’s Factory of the Future

Client situation & approach

The client is a leading global manufacturer of luxury cars, known worldwide for the prestigiousness of its brand and for the performance and design of its vehicles.

Following their strategic plan, a new industrial plan had to be developed - including the definition of new footprint and flows for the main technological areas including bodyshop, vehicle assembly and logistics.

The management required the new footprint to be digital and state-of-the-art, using the most recent successful Industry 4.0 concepts in order to meet the desired combination of flexibility, quality, capex and opex costs.

EFESO supported by:

  • Defining and deploying the industrial plan
  • Generating ideas and opportunities, based on industry insights and benchmarking
  • Ensuring robustness of the assumptions around overall planning, application of best practices, innovative use cases such as flexible automation in manufacturing and logistics
  • Leveraging on EFESO’s international expertise to:
  • Organise knowledge sharing session with industrial peers
  • Develop simulations models
  • Organise suppliers’ innovation sessions


  • Industrial Plan developed, with required trade-offs between level of innovation, required capex, alignment with strategic plan and overall timing for implementation of the new footprint
  • Developed a library of Use Cases for the assembly and logistics of the future
  • Facilitation of the required integrated cross-functional efforts to deliver the industrial plan consistent with necessary overall consistency.