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Strengthening a fit to win organization in the food industry

Client situation & approach

A global player in the food industry faced challenges: profitable growth acceleration and fixed costs continuously increasing in value and in percentage versus gross margin but with an EBITDA lower than that of the main competitors.

EFESO worked in tandem with the executive team to redesign the organization in 100 days through four complementary approaches:

  • Translation of strategy into strategic capabilities
  • Gap diagnosis
  • "Top-down" analysis of macro organization scenarios
  • "Bottom-up" workshops with operational staff


  • Savings valued and agreed around 15% of total SG&A costs segmented on three levels, linked to the complexity of change: "restore basic conditions", "optimize the organization" and "transform the organization “with a concrete progression plan for deployment
  • The progression plan included structural, competence and motivational drivers with options including outsourcing, shared services and new process design with change management elements to facilitate the transformation execution