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Progression strategy in medical devices & pharma company delivers business model to penetrate new markets


The client is a start-up and sister company of a major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Agent firm in KSA. The client has a specific available budget to comply with, which had to be taken into account during the assessment The engagement between EFESO & the client is for penetrating new markets in the medical appliances & veterinary products field.

EFESO supported by:

  • Desk research involving the analysis of exports & imports and the scrutiny of both markets
  • Primary research employing principal experts and in-depth interviews with subject matter experts & qualitative research with potential customers
  • Strategic positioning identifying the segments with the highest attractiveness and ability
  • Assessment of risks & financials for the different scenarios
  • Go-no go analysis based on the most suitable product portfolio
  • Detailed financial plan based on strategic positioning and operational model adopted


  • Local market overview, with competitor & consumer profiling
  • Preliminary list of products, from which 4 scenarios were proposed:
    • Medical Consumables only Focus
    • Diversification (medical consumables veterinary)
    • Veterinary diversification
    • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals focus
  • Client’s Positioning matrix, involving the attractiveness vs. ability to compete for each category of products
  • Prepared final business model and product portfolio which were based on price competitive advantage & quality competitive advantage
  • Produced final financial plans, including revenue and cost projection, investment, cash flow analysis and return on investment