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Realizing true end-to-end digitization for better customer journeys


A global furniture manufacturer was offering a broad variety of different product lines ranging from luxury to discount furniture, each with its own specific sales channels. In order to reshape this kind of segmentation ROI-EFESO created a unified and integrated 'end-to-end’ process from the customer request to the delivered product that took into account all relevant stations of Value creation: from the customer experience via ordering to manufacturing and logistics.

In two workstreams ROI-EFESO took care of the back-end integration and thus everything that happens from the ERP system all the way to the production for one. For another workstream the project team accelerated the development of the digital channel, starting with the customer experience at the point of sale, working through the ordering process and on to the factory itself.


Parallel front-end and back-end teams ensured that product customization was working flawlessly from the point of sale, through production, to delivery of the product.

The solution created by ROI-EFESO is a highly innovative combination of a 3D visual space and experience and an intelligent configurator. The customer navigates between OLED screens and finds himself in a virtual, photorealistic, 3D animated room. There he is viewing his desired piece of furniture - rendered as a 3D model - from all perspectives. Furthermore, an 'intelligent' configurator is used, comparable to the car configurators used in the automotive industry. During the customer's 'try out' of his virtual product, the salesperson can configure different variants, e.g. the frame of a bed, material or backrests, and visualize them on the screens. In the future, the salesperson can use several different room settings with plant arrangements, parquet or carpet. Ambient lighting effects, i.e. different lighting scenarios for day and night, will enhance the customer experience. This mix of digital and real world turns the purchase into a "wow factor" experience.

Once the customer has preconfigured his furniture, the order can be placed at the touch of a button. The process for this is automated. Product customization via the configurator at the point of sale naturally modifies the supply chain - more variants result in smaller batches. Parallel to the developments in the front-end area, ROI-EFESO has therefore combined the ERP systems of the different brands so that the data of all production and logistics processes are now available in real time.