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"Reduce Program” - Boosting GHG reduction to become climate neutral by mid of the Century

Client situation & challenge

OQ Chemicals is a global leader in oxo chemicals with operations in Europe, Americas and Asia. The group has already been questioning its existing approaches and decided to boost its sustainability strategy by defining and implementing a very structured and clear roadmap to reduce their GHG emissions over the coming years.

Our goal is clear: to become a climate-neutral company until mid of the century, meaning until 2050 - or even before

- says O. Borgmeier, CEO of OQ Chemicals.


EFESO supported OQ chemicals by:

  • Interviewing senior leadership, experts, plant engineers and operators to understand their attitude towards the GHG reduction program and the importance it has in their 'daily’ professional life
  • Systemically analyzing why the approach before has not delivered the expected results based on a “Connected Performing Environments Analysis”
  • Facilitating:
    • An inspiration workshop where a competitor presented their approach
    • An End-to-End process awareness session with the senior management to get a common view on the value chain from Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
    • Ambition and Action workshops where all senior managers presented their possible contribution, ambitions to the GHG reduction program
  • Co-creating “Sustainable Chemicals” progression roadmap in transversal working streams involving middle management and experts
  • Setting up a pragmatic governance, supported by an adapted business case and project allocation process
  • Integrating the GHG reduction program into the overall PMO (Project Management Office) set-up to release initiatives in line with absorption capacity of the organization (ongoing)
  • Integrating the outcomes in the business plans of the different departments
  • Supporting the Breakthrough and Innovation workstream to set-up and adapted innovation process, work on breakthrough scenarios and improvements
  • Closely working with the sustainability manager to make 'reduce’ contribute to the overall sustainability strategy

Main Results

  • Within 4 months, this ongoing project has delivered a structured approach and a clear roadmap with defined and intermediate targets
  • Several initiatives have been launched and implementation started at the beginning of 2022
This program is the result of a process started already years ago, bundling all our activities under one single roof. It represents both a very structured approach and a clear roadmap towards our goal of climate neutrality. While this long-term goal is around two decades in the future, we are already in the middle of implementing it

Balzarek adds.

Concrete measures for the next years are clearly defined and intermediate targets are in sight. With the year 2017 being the baseline, OQ Chemicals will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 18% until 2025, and by 30% until 2030.

(Christoph Balzarek, EVP Corporate Development at OQ Chemicals)

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