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WCOM™ Implementation in forestry & paper company sees remarkable production area increase in OEE (8,3% in 3 months)

Client situation & approach

Our client is one out of several mills of a board manufacturer with a production capacity of 350 kton. The plant had the ambition to increase the production output to 400 kton – equal to an increase of 6,7 p.p. of OEE. The assignment included an initial analysis of where the main losses occurred in the production area and, based on conclusions, create cross-functional teams to achieve maximum progress towards the set goal. All employees were involved and trained in the improvement work.


  • OEE increased by 8,3 p.p. – Exceeding the initial goal set by 1,6p.p
  • The three improvement teams working on reduction of breakdowns identified and completely eradicated the root cause – for a period of five weeks there were no breakdowns
  • Higher integration and collaboration between departments that historically have been working separately