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WCOM™ Implementation in a Cosmetics company gains +20% production capacity, +12% OEE (70%) and 30% material loss reduction

Client situation & approach

The client is one of the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturing groups, which has 4 divisions: FMCG, Luxury, Professional Products and Cosmetic Active Products.

Our client wants to overcome a range of issues:

  • Marketing comes first and Manufacturing second
  • It had a bad experience with other consultants in some plants in the past
  • It is not familiar with WCOM™ (World Class Operations Management) and thinks it is the best at everything
  • It has never worked with a worldwide consulting company

EFESO started the implementation of a WCOM™ programme for 29 plants in 15 countries over 4 years, and it was also implemented in all new plants.

  • The first plant was in Mexico
  • The next 3 years covered 14 European plants
  • Simultaneously working in 8 plants in North and Latin American, 4 plants in Asia and 2 plants in Africa


  • A successful first-time worldwide project
  • 20% improvement in worldwide involvement over 2 years
  • 259 teams launched since the beginning of the program
  • Efficiency Improvement led to add 20% of production capacity worldwide with the same plants. OEE% from 58% to 70%
  • Material losses reduction by 30% (from EUR 140M to EUR 90M)
  • The group as global entity won the “Operational Excellence Prize” and one of the plants was rewarded as “Best French plant of the Year”