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How EFESO is Helping Retailers like Primark Develop Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

According to Mark Shirley, Director of Logistics at Primark, in today’s competitive retail landscape having an efficient and effective supply chain is fundamental to their customer proposition.

Supply chain must continuously be developed so that it does not become a constraint on growth or on performance

indicated Clive Geldard, EFESO’s Group VP Retail & Supply Chain.

That's where EFESO Management Consultants comes in. With over 30 years of experience in the retail and consumer goods sector, EFESO has helped businesses develop logistics and supply chain strategies to deliver real value-add to their customers.

Our work with Primark focused on developing their logistics and supply chain strategy to keep pace with their growth and geographic store expansion (into UK, EUR and US markets).

In addition, our team worked in tandem with Primark’s team to apply new technologies into their distribution centers, all while managing the complexities of multi-channel operations.

We chose EFESO as a business partner because they truly get under the bonnet of our business and embed themselves within it. This enables real credibility to their work and delivers to the business real value add,

said a Mark Shirley, Director of Logistics from Primark.

Watch our latest video to learn more about our partnership with Primark and how we can help you maximize your supply chains. With our expertise and experience, we can help you co-create effective solutions that deliver results today and for the future.