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Mobilising for Progression in an Automotive Equipment Supplier to produce HD-reinforced Integrated Planning

Client situation & approach

Our client is a leading Swedish OE supplier for the automotive industry with more than 100 plants around the world. It wanted to move from fragmented Demand Planning to an Integrated Demand Planning process in 50 sites and 20 warehouses. This would be the biggest change in the client’s demand chain for 30 years, dramatically impacting staff roles and responsibilities and ways of working. EFESO was asked to do a light HD assessment of the first two deployed plants, as well as the affected warehouses with the purpose of coming up with an HD reinforced progression plan


  • Increased responsibility of channel planning function: end-to-end responsibility
  • Removed the planning function from warehouses, where they keep execution only
  • Installed a new Demand Management function, interfacing with sales reps and customer markets
  • Implemented advanced system support via SO99-plus