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Results and Key Takeaways

EFESO consultants have successfully used the HD approach to make a significant impact on human behaviour during a progression journey. We share specific results achieved by our clients touching upon various facets of the human dynamics approach.


Capability Development in a Multinational Pharma Company


A significant part our Progression Excellence support plan with a Pharma giant was to Build Supply Chain Competence and Capability. We used a cascading knowledge approach to:


Address the leadership team by building understanding and defining clear leadership behaviour required to drive progression.

Create a common level of understanding about the supply chain, in sync with leadership understanding, amongst the entire team.

Impart specific technical knowledge and ensuring the team knows “why” and “how” to change the way they work.

The company was able to reduce inventory levels, bring in high accuracy on forecast planning and create a monthly cycle for the planning process to identify value and non-value-added activities.


Anchoring Behaviour for a Large European Retailer Chain


One of the fastest growing retailers in Europe chose EFESO because of our pragmatic approach to supporting people by way of connecting and activating behaviour to achieve results and change processes in the end-to-end value chain. EFESO was able to anchor the desired values and behaviours in the cultural foundation of the company and achieved the following:


Set up a daily management system in all areas and departments.

Performance (output) improvement by 8-10%

19% higher actual savings than planned.

Planning and forecast improvement from 95% to 98%.

Cultural Transformation in European Union’s Second Largest Seaport


Our ongoing intervention for the EU’s second-largest seaport is helping them to evolve from a monopolist government institution to a stakeholder driven enterprise, which requires a fundamental change in strategy, processes, collaboration and human dynamics. The initial results have been overwhelming, as the client has:


Approved the Strategic Project Portfolio and Governance Plan based on the new mission/vision of the company.

Created collaboration pilots with different stakeholders as shippers, forwarders, inward shippers.

Improved management and operational practices during High Impact Moments in line with the desired culture.

Anchored and Adopted a culture focussed on Business Results that has helped in - Maintenance time reduction from 6 months to 6 weeks; Throughput Time Reduction (TTR) on tugs from 6 months to 10 weeks; TTR on “large planned maintenance” from 6 weeks to 3 weeks; and Faster reaction to, and handling of, breakdowns due to role & responsibility clarification and leaner process.


About the authors


Lucas van Engelen

Human Dynamics International Expert

Marcia de Troyer

Vice President, Head of Human Dynamics

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In this KnowBoT, we explored the various facets of human behavior from the CDVC perspective.  In the next KnowBoT we will learn how The Shingo Model™ can help organizations to build Behaviors through Principles and move towards achieving the Ideal Results.