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Results and Key Takeaways

In this section we share some of the results achieved at our clients.

Design & Implementation of a New Maintenance Organisation

The client is a leading Advanced Materials and Specialty Chemicals company with revenues of over €10B and an EBITDA of more than €2B. The Client asked for EFESO’s support to design, review and implement a new functional organisation in the Maintenance department, with the objective of increasing efficiency via a structured methodology of managing the Work Order Process and therefore maintenance activities.

Key deliverables and results achieved are summarized as below:

EFESO team led the effort to review and enhance the internal Maintenance Excellence methodology, aligning it with local current and future organisation.

Defined and validated the 18-month tactical implementation plan, generating local buy in and empowering local change agents.

Performance Control System tools and methodologies validated, installed and coached on a daily basis for the maintenance department.

Achieved benefits of €260k after 5 months, ahead of the scheduled benefit curve, via overtime reduction and renegotiation of main contractors’ service-level agreements.

Support Function Development (Maintenance) in Electromechanical area

The company has achieved very high levels of excellence that are recognized worldwide. To cash in on the improved efficiency of internal activities, the company was keen to bring “in-house” activities that were, till now, given to suppliers. The EFESO team used loss eradication methodology and deployed PCS for a pilot area. A spare parts stock analysis was also conducted as part of the project.

We were able to save EUR 300k through loss eradication projects resulting in:

Reduction of corrective maintenance man hours (32% - 100 manhours)

Enabled troubleshooting with one operator, instead of two operators (-38% - 64man hours)

Decentralization of team in several areas

Increase in inspective and planned maintenance

Avoid costs of EUR 126 k

With the manhours recovered on corrective maintenance activities through loss eradication, it has been possible to increase the effort on inspective and planned maintenance activities.


About the authors

Fernando Cruzado

Operational Transformation Expert

Regis Ponce

Reliability & Maintainability Expert

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